Saturday, May 26, 2012

NO KEYS (Day 256)

Well we were promised to be in on the 18th May then the 25th May and you guessed it we are not in our new house.  Our Inspection on Thursday was cancelled on Thursday morning.  Painting is still not finished, front door still not the right one and the stair post has not been replaced.  The plasterers have not been back to fix cornice in Brads room or the lopsided cornice in the Alfresco.  We have been told it will all be done by this Friday, but I am so over it.  We will not be taking a house that is not finished or still with unacceptable defects.  Looks like this is going to be a battle to the end.



  1. Any word yet Beck, Looks like the finishing is where a few problems start to happen. House looks really nice otherwise, you guys must be itching to get in.

    I agree no pay or taking ownership until 100%.

  2. Hi Beck,
    We have just started our build with Kutrmond and just wondering how you guys ended up getting on. Did you end up getting all your issues resolved post build?

    Hope you're all moved in and loving it.