Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hot Water, cooktop, oven and Air Con.

Because we moved in over a long weekend we had no hot water, air con or cooktop over the three days of the long weekend.  We thought we would have it all installed on the Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.  On the Tuesday we had the oven and the gas cooktop installed, but the gas to the cooktop didn't seem to be very strong.  Had the plumber look at it and he said we must have a blockage in the pipe. The electricians arrived on Thursday to install the hot water system and found that there was no power wired into the house for the hot water.  We were told they would have to come back on Friday to wire the house up.  Three electricians took three hours to install the power from the metre box up the wall of the garage, over the roof of the garage, up the wall of the second story and up to the roof and over the house to the other side, then down between the bricks and the wall to the hot water system. So a week after we got the keys we got hot water.  The air con was even longer.  The air con guy arrived on Monday but none of the trunking had been put into the roof.  This all had to be cut and put in the roof on Tuesday.  The other problem was the slab for the air con unit was half the size of the unit.  This was resolved by using a large cement paver and cemented in at a later date.  So ten days after hand over we were able to heat the house.  Now going back to the gas, they found a blockage in the pipe that just happened to be in the ceiling cavity between the bottom and the second floor, so the only thing they could do was cut two holes in the ceiling to fix it.  They also had to cut a hole in the back of one of the kitchen cupboards.  So after all of that I was not very happy at all.
This is the paver they had to use.  As you can see
the slab was way too small.
The other hole they had to cut.

This is what happened to be brand new ceiling.

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