Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It all started when I put the computer in the family room.  Before then Beck couldn't be bothered traipsing  to the Study to get on the internet, and without the exposure to, didn't realise that she wanted to move. So it's really all my fault.

Being the discriminating home buyer (fussy #%!^) that she is, Beck eventually decided there was nothing that we liked, and it was best if we built our own house. I reluctantly agreed, but this was my chance to get out of the tortured labyrinth that is Glenmore Park.

After a few weeks searching, we found a house in nearby Regentville that was in desperate need of a wrecking ball, on 700 perfectly flat square metres.  Although only just out of Glenmore Park, Regentville has the appeal of straight wide roads and only 11 streets, making it a nice quiet suburb but close to the same schools that the Kids already attend.
The block with trees and house that need to go.

The backyard. Lots of concrete and sheds to be removed

Now that we had somewhere to build a house, we (Beck) just needed to choose a house that we wanted to build.  Luckily Beck had also been looking at new homes on the net, so it didn't take long to choose Kurmond Homes as the builder of our new home, the "Glenleigh 39". It's an off the shelf design that we have changed to better suit our requirements.

Artist's Impression of the Glenleigh 39

You can check out the basic design on the Kurmond Homes link to the right, and we will post the actual design once it is complete. We signed the Tender on 21 Jan 2011, paid the deposit, and the Surveyors have done the initial contour diagrams. In the mean time, one hurdle remains.  We must sell our current home in order to finance construction of the G39.

So, as of today, we are paying two mortgages, have to live in a "Show Home" with two messy kids and two dogs, and can't progress any further until someone buys it.

If you know anyone that would like to buy a lovely four bedroom home with a triple garage, ducted air etc, etc for great price.  I know of one for sale!