Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting there slowly (Day 203)

Well the painters have finished, but will need to come back.  Some areas are pretty bad, bits missed and in the study you can see the cutting in along the ceiling.

Outside painted.
Handrail also went in, this is not what is in the plans.
Painting done and floors sanded.

Kitchen and bathroom bench tops are in, as are the sinks, just waiting on the scullery sink to go in.  Had to pick a different style as the one we picked is not available.

Quantum Quartz bench tops in
(Lunar White)

Electricians started at the end of last week putting in the light fittings and will hopefully be back this week to finish off.
Smoke alarms and down lights

Electrician's started

Tilers have not been back to finish off the bathrooms.  They had to stop, because they were waiting on the bench tops to go in.

Plumbers have installed the toilets and water tank.  Had a problem with one of the toilets (see photo).

Water tank in.  This was supposed to fit under the window,  it sits above it and the
slab is not the right size for the tank.

Most of the tiling done and toilets in.

Went to have a look at the house while Brad was at footy training
Luckily the house was unlocked, this is the damage after the plumbers
had left an hour before.  There was a leak in the tap, imagine if this had been left all night.

Last week we had a meeting with one of the owners of Kurmond Homes, to go over a few concerns we had with the house, mainly the sliding doors not installed correctly, mould on the ceiling in the study, and some of the brick work, and the damaged post at the bottom of the stairs. He assures us that it will all be fixed before handover.

Buckle in the sliding door

Sliding doors - not sitting properly, all three sliding doors are like this

Mould on the ceiling in the study.  Nothing above it but our bedroom
so need to find out why it's wet and mouldy

This is the post that needs to be replaced.
They tried to fix it but as you can see this is not good enough
on a brand new house.

Our 32 weeks is up on the 26th April, but they can add up to 5 weeks for Christmas and we also have 6 rain days.  If they take the full amount that takes us to the beginning of June, lets hope we are well and truly in before that.