Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've got wood!

Or is it timber? Either way the ground floor frames have arrived, along with the steel beams and first floor joists.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us, and tomorrow the ground floor frame will be erect.

Floor joists being delivered.

My wood. (Big isn't it ;-) )

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well the BOM got it wrong.  It wasn't showers at all, it was a torrential downpour all Saturday night and looks like all day today (Sunday).  Went out to check that our lovely elderly next door neighbour didn't get flooded from our place, and to see if we now have a moat.

Well as it turns out I was very surprised to find that we don't have a moat at all, just a very mudding work site and our neighbours place has no problems at all.

Lets hope tomorrow will just be showers and it will clear up by the end of the week.

The Back Yard

The Front Yard

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poo Pipes!

Well the plumbers have surprised us again with a sneaky weekend assault.  Today as we drove past for our daily visit, more of the external plumbing had been progressed.

Here you can see the trench which runs from the house down to the back right hand corner of our block (where the photo was taken from).  This is the sewerage line to the sewer main in the block behind us.

This image is of the point where I expect our sewer pipe will connect into the Sydney Water Sewer Main.

Here you can see the rain water pipe (green) to the water tank, and the overflow which runs to the sewer main (as far as I can tell??)

 Sadly, my beautiful new concrete slab hasn't been shown the same love and care that I think it deserves, but I have seen this sort of mess at other building sites.  I'm sure it will clean up just fine. Here's a couple of pics of our slab covered in dirt :-(

Of some concern though, is the damage that has been caused to the Slab.  This is an image of the corner of the Water tank Pad.  There is similar damage (not as bad) to other parts of the slab.  I'll talk to the builder on Monday, to see what happens about this.  If anyone can tell me if this is normal or not, please leave a comment.

So this week has been quite productive, and we have been blessed with great weather.  Unfortunately, this is what is forecast for next week...
Lets see what happens!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Absolutely Slab-ulous!

True to their word, the Concretors completed our slab yesterday, on schedule.  Everything seemed to go well without any hitches or surprises.  Here's how it happened.... (Click Photos to enlarge)
After pouring the piers the formwork started...

Internal plumbing was installed...

Waffle pods and re-o placed...

Pumper and concrete arrives (early start at 0645)...

The Little Fella keeps an eye on the Concretors while the pour begins...

The first load of concrete (in our Dining Room) is laid...

The finished product.
Next step will be to put in the external drainage, which is scheduled for completion by the end of the week.  Then we hand over a bucket load of cash and the frames, windows, roof tiles and bricks begin.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Construction Begins

On Monday 22 August we received the final piece of paperwork to start construction, the Construction Certificate.  From that day the builder had 20 working days to start construction, and they advised us that they would start three days early which is today.
Yesterday however, we finally saw the beginning of construction for our new home!  A day ahead of schedule, the excavators and surveyors were on sight and levelled off the site for the Slab.

Turning this...

into this...

Today the concretors dug out and poured the piers, 52 in total, ranging in depth from 1100mm to 1800mm.  They also started forming up, and they are expecting to have the slab poured by Wednesday next week.

So we're off to a cracking start, and hopefully this is a sign of things to come.  Here's some pics of today's action.
Digging the Piers.

The Piers, all dug and waiting for concrete.

The Pumper and Aggie start pouring.

Pouring the Piers.