Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Construction Begins

On Monday 22 August we received the final piece of paperwork to start construction, the Construction Certificate.  From that day the builder had 20 working days to start construction, and they advised us that they would start three days early which is today.
Yesterday however, we finally saw the beginning of construction for our new home!  A day ahead of schedule, the excavators and surveyors were on sight and levelled off the site for the Slab.

Turning this...

into this...

Today the concretors dug out and poured the piers, 52 in total, ranging in depth from 1100mm to 1800mm.  They also started forming up, and they are expecting to have the slab poured by Wednesday next week.

So we're off to a cracking start, and hopefully this is a sign of things to come.  Here's some pics of today's action.
Digging the Piers.

The Piers, all dug and waiting for concrete.

The Pumper and Aggie start pouring.

Pouring the Piers.

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