Sunday, May 13, 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer (Day 243)

 Well it's been over a month since our last post.
So I will go back to the week ending 6th April.

Week ending 6/04/12

  • the insulation put into the roof 
  • Electricians dug the power over from the power pole over to the house
  • floor tiling started
  • shower screens in downstairs and kids bathrooms installed.

Kids bathroom

Kids bath and shower.
Ensuite shower

Week ending 13/4/12

  • Floor tiling finished inside the house.
  • Outside tiling on the balcony, alfresco and front porch started.
  • inside of cupboards installed and most of the door handles put in.
  • Bathroom fittings (taps, towel rails and shower heads).
  • Timber top put onto the nib wall at the top of the stairs.
  • Tiling completed in all bathrooms.
  • Man hole put in.
  • Front pivot door installed ( but it is still wrong,  they have sent a door that pivots the wrong way and all of the light switches and power for the door strike are on the other side).

Balcony tiling
Week ending 20/04/12

  • Drive way dug out.
  • holes fixed in the floor.
  • Air conditioner ducts installed
  • Electricians installed lights and power points.

We had and inspection with our site supervisor on Saturday the 21/04/12.  Picked up a lot of problems with the paint and a list of other things I have mentioned in previous post.

My light "Chloe" that hangs above the stairs

Looking at the front door from the upstairs family room.

Week ending 27/04/2012

  • Driveway was poured on Saturday 21/04/2012.
  • Mirrors installed in the bathrooms
  • Monday - Wednesday painter was back to fix the problems we found.
  • Power to the house turned on.
Front lights at light.

Kitchen pendant lights.
Driveway done.

Week ending 04/05/2012

  • Fly screens and screen doors installed.
  • Drive way sealed.
  • Fence and portaloo taken away.
  • Kitchen company came to put on the missing handles, but they were the wrong ones
  • On Thursday Derrick and his brother Kurt started the back fence.
  • Derrick, myself and the kids finished the fence over the weekend.

The frame is up

The kids helping

All done

Week ending 11/05/2012

  • Glass in bedroom replaced, had a chip in the window.
  • Sink in the scullery installed
  • bricklayers back to fix render on side of the garage,  they have to fit some brickwork, but there are no bricks to use on site.  So the brickies have to come back again once we have bricks.
So May has been very slow not much done and a lot left to finish.

On Thursday we had our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection).  One of the owners of Kurmond come out for this inspection.  The painting that was supposed to be fixed has not all been done.  The doors and window frames are supposed to be gloss and they somewhere between matt and semi gloss.  We are getting a new water tank to fit under the window, a new front door has been ordered and the stair post will be replaced.  Lots of other bits and pieces need to be completed or fixed, but we have been given a hand over date of the 25th May.  So thats two weeks to get a lot done.  Let's see how we go!


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