Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kitchen, painting and tiles (Day 179)

It's been a while since our last post.  We are both a little over the whole house thing,  it has been our lives for the last year and we can't wait for it to be all done.

The Kitchen went in last week, but like everything else it didn't all go to plan .The lights above the kitchen bench are in the centre of the room, but the island has been installed off centre.  So the lights don't line up.  They have said they can move it over 100mm.  The cupboards above the cook top should have six doors, but they have put in two in the middle, two on the other side and three on the other AND the draws on either side of the oven are not the same size.

Island bench 

The 3 doors on the left will be
replaced with two, same as the other side

Scullery cupboards

The draws should have been 1197mm & 1192mm this was not an issue as it was only 5mm different.
Now they are 1240mm & 1145mm that is now 950mm.

They are going to take the thee doors off and put on two doors and we will see if you won't be able to notice the 950mm in the two sides.

The vanities and the scullery all went in and they all look great,  the pantry shelves went but they sit over the top of a power point and the light switch,  that will have to be moved and the plaster patched up.

Kids vanity

Ensuite vanity

Downstairs bathroom vanity

Pantry shelves, power point and light switch covered by the shelves.
Last week we all so found out we got the wrong front door.  We have in our tender a 1200mm Pivot door and they have ordered a 1200mm door on hinges.  This means a new door and door frame have to be ordered.

The tilers started levelling the bathroom floors and the painters started under-coating last week.

First coat of paint

First coat of paint in the study.

This week the painters and the tilers have been working.  The first coat of colour is on all of the walls and the floor tiles are down in the upstairs bathrooms and toilet.  I must say the tilers have done a great job.

Kids bathroom

Our bathroom
Our bathroom tiles are very dark grey

Wall tiles started.

Things seem to be moving along at a steady pace, we just need a few less mistakes.


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