Thursday, February 9, 2012

Electrical, Security, Insulation and Plaster. (Day 149)

OK this is for all of you that have been complaining that we have not updated the blog in a while.

Monday and Tuesday last week we had the electrician come and do all the wiring for the lights, power points and light switches.  These guys would have to be the cleanest tradies around, not only was the work neat and exactly where we wanted it,  the place was cleaner after they left than before they arrived.

Wednesday the guy from Sentinel alarms came to do the wiring for the alarm and security, as well as all of the TV and data cabling.  Derrick got to be a tradie for the day and wired in some things for the media room.

Electrical and Data/phone cabling

Electrical and Data/phone cabling

Friday the insulation was put in and it is amazing how much noise it blocks out.

Kitchen/ Dining

Main bedroom


Over the weekend Derrick and I went shopping and ended up with a King Size Bed and Derrick got his toys for the media room.  I think he used the whole months internet usage just looking up what was the best quality and the best buys.  The guy at Harvey Norman ended up matching the lowest prices he found online.

Tuesday the Gyprock arrived and at 1.30pm the Gyprockers started work putting up the ceilings,  they stayed till after 5pm to get all of it up.  Wednesday the walls started up stairs, and it makes such a big difference to the feel of the house,  you get a much better idea of how big the rooms are and how much natural light you get into a room.  Today it was just two guys working and they have pretty much finished upstairs.

Main Room
 Walk in robe on the Left and Ensuite on the right


Upstairs Living

View of stairs looking into Main Bedroom

They will be back tomorrow with more guys and they are hoping to get down stairs done.  They should be back next week to put up cornices.

We also had a phone call from Kurmond this week asking if we wanting gloss or matt finish for our Kitchen.  After much deliberation we have decided on the gloss.  I took this as a good sign, it means they have started the  kitchen.

The last two weeks have been full steam ahead,  Can't wait to get to lock up.

ps. Daz of your external paint work is looking great.

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  1. Kurmondhomes staff is a lack of experience. During your priject lifecycle they make lots of mistakes. I am not happy with their outpufs. They need to jmprove a lot. I have built glenleigh 39 which took more tba 2 years. I always had a hard time with the kurmond staff. Even at one stage i had a meeting with owner and he made a racial comment that he always have trouble with your race of people(indian)...