Monday, January 9, 2012

You wouldn't believe it...

I certainly couldn't believe it when I went to look at the "finished" brickwork today only to find that the Brickies had run out of bricks...AGAIN! Yes folks, this is not the first, second or even third, fourth or fifth time, but the sixth time!
Looking on the bright side, the Brickies where there on Saturday and again today, albeit only for a few hours each time. But they where there. Our SS said no trades would be there until 16/1, so I called his boss to express my disappointment at 2011's progress.
At first he seemed a bit dismissive, but once he had a look at our lack of progress, he was very quick to get the boys back to work.
As mentioned, the Brickies started back on Saturday, and the painters have got half of the first floor eaves painted. He says he has booked the Scaffolding to come down this week, and so far I have no reason not to believe him. The SS is back from holidays next week, hopefully he can maintain the pace his boss has set for 2012.
There's still lots to do to catch up for lost time, but at least now they can't blame the Brickies. Their remaining work won't affect any of the other trades.
Fingers crossed!

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