Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scaffolding is down at last (day 128)

Well this week didn't look too promising with rain on Monday, but by today (Thursday) we have had the facias and guttering put on the alfresco, dining room and the garage.  The down pipes are in and have been  painted, but the most exciting is the scaffolding is down at last.
The brickies still haven't come back to finish the last little bit on the balcony, but its not holding up any of the other trades.
The front balcony and the garage will be done in moroka

The post still need to be put on the brickwork
to hold the balcony up

The roof on the alfresco and dining room will hopefully go on by Monday.  Lets hope the weather doesn't hold things up.

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  1. woohoo, looks like a great start to the new year then guys!
    Let's hope it continues :)