Monday, November 14, 2011

We have a roof (Day 62)

Well, let me start by saying, I have not been the happiest little person the last three weeks.  I was very disappointed with the lack of work done on the house.  On the plus side, I got to meet our neighbour that is building the McDonald Jones across the street today. They are now ahead of us again.

So in the last three weeks we have had scaffolding go up, (1 days work) the fascias and guttering go on, (3 hours work) and the brick work done to hold up the balcony (half a day).
So we are about two weeks behind, but the SS assures us he will make it up.

Fascias and gutters.
The big problem was the brick layers.  We had to wait for them to do the front piers before the roof could go on.  So we waited and waited.  We were told they would be there by the end of the week... then Monday... then Tuesday.  I drove past on Tuesday morning, and still no brick layers.  I got the SS's phone number from Derrick (he was sick of listening to be complain to him) and had the brickies there by 9am the next day and they were gone by 1pm. They did what they had to and went.
The tiles arrived on Wednesday 9th, and finally something was going right.

Front pier that holds up the balcony.

Next we were told the roof would go up on Friday.  Drive past on Friday - Nobody on site NOT HAPPY.
Then the SS promised us it would go up today. As I turned the corner this morning I was holding my breath hoping that someone would be there doing something, and low and behold the roofing guys were there! This was about 8am this morning and when I went past at 2.30, the top floor was all done and it looks great.


  1. It looks like your long awaited roof has finally made you smile. Actually, that top floor is great! Have you ever asked your roofers about the delay? I'm sure they have other reason aside from that brick layers. Anyway, how's your house doing by now?
    - Eugene Head

  2. It’s good to know that SS made up for the delay on the progress of the house. It’s really coming together pretty well. The brick layer and the top floor look good.

    Lenore Lung

  3. I'm very pleased to meet you, Dez and Beck. Your house is smashing! Anyhow, the roof above your garage is well-structured. Having it inclined will allow the water and debris to roll over down the spout, therefore saving your roof from a lot of wear and tear.
    ~ Allyson Duguay ~