Monday, June 13, 2011


Well a little bit has happened since our last post.  We have moved into our little Granny flat, while we are building and trying not to kill each other.

We had the demolition moved forward, which put us in a mad rush to get the private power pole put in and have the slow combustion heater and air conditioner taken out.  We did all of this over the weekend of 4th/5th June.  We dug out some of the plants that were worth keeping and moved the letter box out of the way of the demolition/construction.

On Monday 6th June the private power pole went in and the demolition started on the house.  We found out the asbestos sheeting had been glued to the metal frame and there was a lot more asbestos sheeting in the house than first thought.

Monday Morning
Monday Afternoon

Tuesday 7th June most of the house is down today, just lots of rubbish and building materials to be removed.
Tuesday Afternoon

Wednesday 8th June - Went to the house today after work and was surprised to see the guys still working and the big boss was there, only to be told the great news that under the old laundry slab the people who had built the house had disposed of old asbestos sheeting under the slab.  This cement now has to be classed as contaminated and costs more to be removed.  Now hoping the rest of the concrete slabs on the block are not hiding the same thing.

Thursday 9th June - Get the phone call from Derrick that we are not that lucky,  the concrete slab down the side of the house has asbestos under it as well :(  He then informs me that the old car-port slab doesn't have asbestos under it but is full of rubbish (prams, clothes line, bikes, gates, axle of a car and odd bits of metal & hard to identify bits of rubbish).  Under the metal garden shed, they found more rubbish in the slab, bits of glass, hub caps, old bits of cups and anything else they thoughts would bulk out the cement.
Once they moved this slab, surprise, surprise they find another slab of concrete under the one they have just moved.  So at the end of today the block of land looks like a rubbish dump, and it looks like we are now up for more money to remove the asbestos and tones of someone elses crap.

The demo guys are not working Friday and Monday being the public holiday, they won't be back till Tuesday.  We should find out then what is under the second slab that the garden shed was on and have a better idea of how much more money we are up for.  Nothing much we can do about it,  I will be happy once all the rubbish is gone and we have a nice flat block of land.  Here's hoping.

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